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What our members say

Q "VIP CONCIERGE ACCESS is fantastic at organizing all the things that you don't have time (or the inclination) to do yourself. A thoroughly impressive and competent service." S. D, model

Q "VIP CONCIERGE ACCESS has become indispensable to me-they have never failed to come up with a restaurant booking for Cold play regardless of what time, place or country it is in, and no matter how last minute. They offer a first class service." Manager, Cold play

Q "A real 'must have' in your life. I cannot recount the number of times you have found me a last minute table in an overbooked 'hot' restaurant or theatre tickets for a sold out show… a real bravo to your service." T. Bailey, Tiffany & Co

Q " The … Club has saved me a lot of time, aggravation and money by being able to help me with general, day to day things." Mr. C *

Q "I have been impressed with the club's ability to find excellent choices for my tight requirements." Ms. Johnson *

Q "The club is an excellent benefit … to compliment my busy lifestyle." Mr Nariski *

Q "We have had bad experiences with other clubs, but VIP CONCIERGE ACCESS has been able to provide a genuine service with excellent suggestions and competitive prices." Mr. & Mrs. Branson *

Q "We were thrilled to find out that our Jaguar had paid our membership to this exclusive lifestyle club. Now that we belong to the club, we are grateful that our busy needs have been acknowledged and catered for." Mr. and Mrs. J *