For those with an eye for quality and reliability, VIP Concierge Access was designed to simplify the lives of busy professionals. By visiting our site you can eliminate the need to visit several sites to meet your shopping needs. We save you time and bring you some of the best names in the concierge world. If you want to buy flowers for that special someone, find the best luxury goods available, purchase airline tickets, or tickets to a sporting event, then this is the place for you.

With our unique services you no longer have to waste your time surfing the internet to find a birthday present or wedding gift and then perform a different search to purchase airline or Cruise line tickets. VIP Concierge Access provides you with multiple services all at one convenient site.

VIP Concierge Services is comprised of diverse associate backgrounds and nationalities: Chinese, Japanese, French, Moroccan, Russian, Egyptian and English.


Today's luxury condominium resident and commercial tenant is a high-profile client accustomed to real service and desiring a prestigious address and uptown notion of a full-service building.

  • Airport assistance: Meet and greet, transportation to and from the airport.

  • Accommodation: Hotels, resorts and private homes.
  • Entertainment: Restaurants, clubs, concert tickets and much more..
  • Tours and travel: Airlines tickets, Limousine, cruises and sight seeing.

  • Errands: Shopping, floral deliveries, doctor visits and anything that you don't have time for.

Your concierge at VCA stands at your service for all of your needs. Allow us to take care of your concierge challenges and free up your schedule to enjoy your valuable time.

We are a time saving resource for your local, national and international needs. “ONE CALL TO US DOES IT ALL”.